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Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP is a portion of your blood used to treat skin concerns in anti-aging and growth-inducing treatments. PRP injections are considered effective in treating male pattern baldness, as a result preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. PRP can also aid in the stimulation of hair growth after hair transplants. When micro-needled into the scalp, it can increase hair growth and improve the strength of the hair with the micro-needling treatment series. At La Vie MD, we are lifelong learners who strive to offer our clients the best and the latest PRP. With adequate healing time and growth between treatments, you can see an increase in hair growth within 4-9 months.


Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP uses the growth factors taken from a small portion of your blood to treat hair loss. PRP contains a range of growth factors and proteins that helps to speed up the process of repairing tissue. Studies show that PRP can help regrow hair by reversing the process of androgenetic alopecia. As a minimally invasive procedure, you may feel slight discomfort during your treatment. However, minimal downtime and an adequate hair care routine are important components of your post-care instructions. Avoid scrubbing your scalp and head to avoid irritating the treatment areas. Use mild products to aid in the healing process.
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PRP encourages growth by stimulating collagen production and regenerating the tissue in the scalp, and it creates a healthy foundation for hair to grow. The treatment is effective to treat hair loss, hair patches, and mild-to-moderate hair thinning. This innovative skin and haircare treatment boasts numerous benefits:
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Stimulate collagen production

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Treats delicate areas

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Long-lasting results

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Heal several sports injuries

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Improve hair health & volume

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Non-Scarring treatment

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What is better - PRP therapy or stem cell treatment?

PRP therapy and stem cell treatment are both reliable regenerative medicine procedures. PRP therapy is used for common injuries such as tendonitis, torn ligaments, and other soft tissue injuries. Stem cell treatment is used for more complex cases such as arthritis.

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What are the expected outcomes of PRP?

After having a PRP treatment done, you’ll be able to enjoy pain-free, normal living. Our goal is to eliminate your hair loss and regrow new, and in most cases, patients start noticing improvement after a few weeks, improvement that builds as time goes on. Studies and research shows that pain relief is both effective and lasting.

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Is PRP hair treatment a permanent solution?

The first round of treatments may take a few visits to see initial results. After the results start to appear, you’ll still need to get touch-ups at least once a year to maintain new hair regrowth.

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How long is the process? How often do I need to take sittings?

It takes about 30-45 minutes. It takes around five minutes to draw blood, another 10 minutes to spin out the other cells, and 10-15 minutes for injections. To begin with, we recommend 3 treatments, spaced four weeks apart to boost effective hair growth. Depending on your needs, maintenance can be done every 6-8 weeks.

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What causes hair loss in women? Is there any other solution than PRP?

The main cause of hair loss in women is the weakening of hair follicles and it may differ from woman to woman. Many women suffer from hair thinning due to heredity which can start any time after puberty. However, there is a wide range of other factors as well including nutrition, age, stress, medications, illnesses, social/lifestyle factors, hair care routines, and more. PRP is a great solution to get rid of your hair loss.

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I can see a lot of hair thinning these days. Should I go for PRP injections?

Yes, if you have hair loss issues, you can go for PRP injections. The treatment can help stimulate collagen production and regenerate the tissue in the scalp. With adequate healing time and growth between treatments, you can see an increase in hair growth within 4-9 months.

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What are the possible side effects of PRP hair treatment?

PRP has some possible side effects such as blood vessel injury on the scalp nerve injury or infection at the injection site. There may be side effects from the anesthesia used during the procedure, such as muscle aches, confusion, or bladder control issues.

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Is there any specific age to opt for PRP treatment?

No. There is no specific age to opt for PRP. If you notice hair loss or want to restore your soft tissue injury, this is an ideal solution for you. Book your hassle-free consultation with us.

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What conditions can be treated with PRP?

PRP can be used to treat severe hair loss conditions in men and women. However, if you have severe anemia or active systemic infection, we recommend that you do not undergo PRP until the condition is resolved.

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